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Bath, Ear and Nails

This service includes 2 warm baths with all-natural shampoo and hair blown out and completely drying of the coat. It includes nails being trimmed and the hair plucked out of the ears to help prevent ear infections. Bandana and cologne included. For short hair dogs that shed, you may want to couple this with a FURminator Shed-Less treatment for an additional $15 or so. (see A-La Carte Menu) 

Prices start from: $65*


Face, Feet and Nails

For the dog who is not completely ready for a full groom but wants to look cleaned up and trimmed then the Face, Feet and Tail Groom is for you! This groom includes 2 warm baths with natural shampoo, hand drying of the coat, ears cleaned, nails clipped, trimming of the tail to breed specs, sanitary areas cleaned, pads of the feet clipped to keep from slipping and hand scissoring or clipping of the face. Bandana and cologne included. 

Prices start from: $70*


Rover Done Over Full Groom

Includes 2 warm baths with natural shampoo, blowing out or drying of the coat, nails clipped, ears cleaned and hair plucked to help prevent ear infections, trimming of the tail, clipping or scissoring of the coat, sanitary areas cleaned up, pads trimmed to keep them from slipping, and a hair cut on the face. Bandana and cologne included. 

Prices start from: $80*

A-La Carte Menu


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Anal Glands Expressed

$8 - External Only


Blueberry Facial



Teeth Brushing

$8 - Tooth brush provided for take home after cleaning

FUR-minator Shed-Less Treatment

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Luxurious Coat Conditioner



Pad Moisturizer



Difficult Dog Fee

Only when necessary!


Nail Trimming

$15 - For additional household pet.


Tick Removal

$10 Min ($1 per minute)

Nail Pawlish


*Please refer to our Breed Starting Rates chart for the starting rates for your breed. Starting rates apply to healthy pets with well maintained coats, additional charges may apply to pets who are larger than average for the breed, or with health, coat or behavioral issues that increase grooming time. Please feel free to call us for more details at (813) 310-5600