Meet Samantha

Sams Personal Pic.png

Office Management

Hello there! As I grew up, I have always had a love for animals in all shapes and sizes! Which is why my first job was with Petsupermarket. It was there that I was able to learn about general pet care and the health and wellness issues surrounding pet ownership. I really enjoyed helping customers with their concerns as they worked to keep their pets happy. I was employed there for 3 years before Rover Done Over offered me a position. I was happy to further my pet experience by learning to be a groomer’s helper and I was being trained to groom myself when they offered me the chance to work within Operations. When you want your babies scheduled for a groom, I might be the one you talk, text, or email. It’s been 6 years since I began working directly with pets and I’m glad to bring you all my experience as we work together to meet the needs of both your pet and yourself! Look forward to talking with you soon.