Gretchen, Shean and GiGi

Gretchen, Shean and GiGi

Gretchen grew up in a little town in West Virginia, called Williamstown. It was 3,000 people strong and a great place to grow up. Gretchen was introduced to Florida when she would vacation there and loved it, and decided that she someday wanted to live there.

After graduating from Ohio University, Gretchen moved to Florida in 1997. She is now married to Shean McManus and together they have built Rover Done Over, one step at a time. Shean was a "military brat" and he's been here since 1977, when his father was stationed at MacDill AFB. In fact, he used to live off Westshore Boulevard, just south of Culbreth Isles.  Shean takes care of the details, and coordinates all truck maintenance and is lovingly called “super tracker” in our office. 

Mya, Roxy, and GiGi

Mya, Roxy, and GiGi

Their love for dogs begins with their own pets, as they own 3 dogs and a cat. Their entire house, however, is ruled by an 8 lbs. Pomeranian whose name is GiGi. She is the Rover Done Over mascot!

Prior to Rover Done Over, Gretchen’s  first venture at being an entrepreneur was owning the Tampa franchise, Home & Land Magazine, a real estate publication. As some of you may remember, 2006 was the beginning of the real estate crash.  They  held onto it for as long as we could, but ultimately sold the business in 2007. 

After putting so much into Homes & Land , she  was left empty, wondering what she was going to do with her life. As she had done as a kid, she went to the beach to reflect and consider what the next steps should be. 

It was there that she came to realize that her heart had always been with animals, and that she wanted to somehow work with them.

After much research  she discovered that dog grooming offered the ability to work with dogs and provide a service that people could truly appreciate. That was it!

Knowing that she  needed education and training, she enrolled in Grooming School.  She was introduced to mobile grooming during  schooling and immediately noticed that it provided more of a one-on-one experience for the dogs than a grooming shop. It just seemed like it would be a better, less stressful environment for the doggies, and that was the type of service that she wanted to provide. 

While still in school,  she  bought her first mobile grooming truck and it was waiting for me when I graduated. That was 10-years ago and they  have been thrilled to see their little company grow year over year.   Rover Done Over - Mobile Pet Grooming has become the elite mobile pet spa in Tampa Bay and is the largest non-franchised, family-owned company in the area.

With 7 grooming trucks and 12 groomers on staff, they work 7-days a week to meet the needs of our clients. One home at a time, one doggie at a time, we strive to provide the best possible dog grooming experience for you and your beloved pet. Your dog will enjoy a luxury one-on-one grooming that is less stressful than going to a shop, and you will enjoy the convenience. 

No time to go to the groomers? No problem! Let us come to you!